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Loker Batam PT. Wohlrab Indonesia Muka Kuning 2022


JL. Beringin Lot 12 BIP Mukakuning, Batam

PT. Wohlrab Indonesia is subsidiary of Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH German focused on coating services is looking for a highly talented and enthusiastic person to join our Company
Translate :  PT. Wohlrab Indonesia adalah anak perusahaan dari Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH Jerman yang berfokus pada layanan pelapisan sedang mencari orang yang sangat berbakat dan antusias untuk bergabung dengan Perusahaan kami
PT. Wohlrab Indonesia is subsidiary of Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH German focused on coating services is looking for a highly talented and enthusiastic person to join our Company :

1. MAINTENANCE & FACILITY SENIOR ENGINEER, Responsible to ensure that facilities, utilities, and equipment function in their intended life cycle (preventive maintenance). Build up resources to ensure facilities, utilities, and equipment are operating both efficiently and safely.

2. ENGINEERING ENGINEER, Evaluate new products feasibility such as material, equipment, method implementation, and working procedures to align with customer expectations; Maximize process efficiency and optimize process time during first run and ramp up phase; Review new product design and changes as well as working procedure to be documented order.

3. MOLDING ENGINEER for QA, Responsible for customer quality issue, Check and verify the quality issue in molding; Assist new product development.

4. PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR, Supervising employees in manufacturing operations in defined area; Participate resolving production problems by analysing data, identifying issues, providing solutions; Ensure production run according to schedule from Planning department; Responsible for daily production output, downtime, reject, yield; Eliminate waste and inefficiencies in production; Ensure production employees are properly oriented and trained; Personnel competence, coaching and development for production employee.

5. HR OFFICER, Conduct & arrange training needs; Liaise with respective party to conduct internal and external training; Evaluate, briefing, prepare training program; Monitor the training effectiveness.

6. MOLD TOOLING TECHNICIAN, Maintain mold and equipment, perform inspection on mold component and repair any damage to the mold.

7. MOLDING TECHNICIAN, Capable to run production of molding, setting up mold, trouble shooting, equipment maintenance and workflow.

  • Diploma / Degree (1,2,3,4,5) SMU / SMK (6,7)
  • Minimum of 5 years related experience (1), 2 years (2,3,4,5,6,7)
  • Good knowledge in safety procedure; Strong knowledge in mechanical and electrical (1)
  • Has experience in training and development (5)
  • Familiar with air compressor, chiller & air conditioner/ AHU (1)
  • Has strong knowledge in Molding (2,4)
  • Good knowledge in ISO 9001 : 2015 (4)
  • Has strong technical skill
  • Proficient with Ms Office
  • Fluent in English both verbal and written
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Experience of multicultural working environment is must.

Cara Melamar

If you interest & meet the qualification please send your application to:
Jl. Beringin Lot 12 BIP Mukakuning, Batam
Cc :

OPERATOR ( Melalui Link )
Biasanya PT. Wohlrab membuka loker posisi operator melalui PT. Tunaskarya, jadi coba apply manatau ada rejeki


  1. Pendidikan minimal SMA/SMK.
  2. Wajib Memiliki KTP/Surat Keterangan KTP (Bukan Resi pendaftaran KTP)
  3. Bersedia tinggal di Dormitori
  4. Memiliki pengalaman Min 1th untuk Skill Operator

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